Teen Sexting, State/Federal Child Pornography, Sex With Minor, Lascivious or Lewd Acts

Sex offenses carries heavy penalties in California when convicted. Because of the heavy penalties associated with sexual offenses charges it is important that you hire a skilled and experienced sex crimes attorney in San Diego with proven results for immediate help. The Law Offices of Thomas P. Matthews is one of the best defense team with 25 years of combined experience. Our legal experts have gotten many dismissals and sentence reductions for those accused of any type of state and federal sexual offenses throughout Southern California & SD County courts. Please call or contact us for 24/7 free consultation.

The below are just a list of sexual offenses that our law firm handle:

Sexual Abuse

Sexual Molestation



Sex With a Minor


Date Rape

Statutory Rape

Spousal Rape

Forcing objects into sexual organs

Lewd Conduct



Indecent Exposure

Child pornography

Sexting with Minor

Overview of California Sex Crime Law

California is very explicit on sex crimes and their penalties. Statutory rape is defined as sex performed by an adult with a minor, regardless of relation or circumstance. The state law does not permit sex by anyone under 18 years old. The older party can be charged with statutory rape even if the minor consents to having sex.

Lewd and lascivious acts are very complex sex offenses as there are many potential variables. Such sex crimes are known as child molestation with penalties imposed according to the type of sexual acts committed with the minor.

Forced rape is commonly known as rape when no consent is given by one party. Sexual battery is a sex offense charge applied to circumstances not classified under other sexual charges. It is a sexual offense to touch another sexually without consent.

California stringent laws on a wide array of offenses that are considered as sex crimes. Such crime charges are applied regardless of status and age of the alleged victim. Sex crimes charges in California are categorized as follows include:

Felony sex offenses

Misdemeanor sex offenses

‘Sex texting’ offenses

sex crimes

We Cover:

forced rapes, spousal rapes, date rapes, statutory rapes, sexual battery, lewd sexual acts and child pornography.

Misdemeanor Sex Offenses

include child molestation, indecent exposure and prostitution.

Lewd Acts or Lascivious Acts With A Child (CA PC 288)

Teen/Minor Sex Texting Offenses

State & Federal Child Pornography (Penal Code 311.1, 311.2, 311.3, 311.4, 311.10 & 311.11 PC)


Our Top Rated Sex Crimes Defense Strategies

Professional sex crime representation by our experienced legal firm of Law Offices of Thomas P. Matthews is necessary to expunge any sex crime charge to avoid undesirable labels for life on any defendant. We will question the motives of the accuser and try to prove that they are falsely accusing you.  We will also question any eyes witness and present it as a form misidentification. We also look for laws broken when you were arrested and prosecutors mistakes

Sex Crimes Case Results

— Accused of Felony Sex Trafficking of a Minor


— Charged With 6 counts child molestation


— Charged With Felony Rape

— Reduced to misdemeanor assault/no jail.

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Sex offenders face intense persecution from the state & federal prosecutors when such charges are being prosecuted. Adverse consequences are catastrophic with life-changing impacts that include long prison terms and ‘sex offender’ label for life. It is crucial to appoint our experienced defense law firm to represent the defendant against sexual charges.

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