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Successful Dui Case In San Diego, CA

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Successful Felony Aggravated Assault In San Diego County, CA

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Successful Felony Robbery Case In San Diego County, CA


Criminal Law Lawyer La Jolla CA

If you are facing Criminal Law charges in the La Jolla area, your rights and future are at stake. You do not have to face these charges alone if the professionals at Law Office of Thomas P Matthews have your back. We provide legal assistance to clients in the La Jolla area, so if you are facing any kind of Criminal Law charge, trust in us. At Law Office of Thomas P Matthews, we are dedicated to providing assistance and representation you can rely on.

At Law Office of Thomas P Matthews, we like to treat each individual case as though it were our only. This focus means we are able help our La Jolla area clients without being distracted by anything else. Criminal Law cases require lawyers who can argue for your side and ensure your increased chances of success.

The legal team of Law Office of Thomas P Matthews has been helping clients throughout La Jolla get the representation they need for over over 25 years. We know how difficult dealing with your Criminal Law charge can be, and how much more difficult it is returning to normal after the trial. We have helped clients throughout the La Jolla area find all sorts of resolutions for their Criminal Law cases, and we are confident we can help you do the same.

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Law Office of Thomas P Matthews is committed to seeing justice brought to the La Jolla area courts in all criminal cases and we never stop pursuing that goal. In every Criminal Law case that we accept, we strive to maintain constant honest communication with our clients. Law Office of Thomas P Matthews is never more than a phone call away from answering any questions that you have regarding your Criminal Law legal proceedings. After over 25 years of practicing criminal law, we have learned many lessons about advocating for clients in La Jolla criminal cases. We are happy to provide a confidential consultation of your Criminal Law case. Please do not hesitate to contact Law Office of Thomas P Matthews to begin addressing your case today. 

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We are dedicated and committed to representing our clients aggressively, professionally and above all else, honestly. It is our focus on building a solid attorney to client relationship based on trust and mutual respect that sets us apart from other firms

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