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With over 25 years of successful legal practice, our firm is well equipped to investigate your Criminal Law Defense case, defend your rights throughout your trial, and present your side of the story in a compelling manner to a jury of the Rancho Bernardo area courts. While we at Law Office of Thomas P Matthews are aggressive about enforcing your legal rights, we are also skilled orators and know how to present your side of events to juries in your Criminal Law Defense case.

At Law Office of Thomas P Matthews, we have over 25 years of experience taking on the Criminal Law Defense cases of our clients. We know it is difficult to go through this alone, so we help our Rancho Bernardo area clients throughout the whole process.

If charged with some Criminal Law Defense matter, the rest of your life could be greatly impacted. We at Law Office of Thomas P Matthews want to provide our services to the residents of the Rancho Bernardo area to prevent this. Be sure that you are properly represented throughout the legal process, and let the professionals of Law Office of Thomas P Matthews help you in your time of need.

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