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Affordable San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

Welcome to the Law Offices Of Thomas P. Matthews. The primary purpose of this San Diego criminal defense lawyer website is to give you a clear understanding of what our law firm is all about, how our knowledge can help get your case dropped or reduced, and help you understand the basic laws governing your charges. This site will also give you some ideas about the personality of the attorney(s) who will be representing you in court. As you get to know us you will get a sense of the dedication and commitment of our hard working criminal firm.

If you or a loved one have been accused or is being investigated for committing an offense then you need the help of a legal defense expert who is honest, aggressive, affordable, has over 25+ years of legal experience, and is committed to keeping you out of jail.

Thomas Matthews is an experienced crime offenses defense lawyer, Tom understands that any arrest and criminal charge is serious, whether a DUI, misdemeanor or felony. Taken lightly, a criminal charge can ruin ones life. Tom is who you need to secure as your representative when you need the very best legal expert for your charges.

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How Our Affordable San Diego Criminal Attorney Can Win Your Case

Preparation and Investigation – While many law firms will tell you that they do their homework, seldom actually do. We stands apart from the rest by putting the time and energy in to investigating what actually took place in your case and often times wins the case long before it ever goes to trial.

Hard Work and Dedication – Hard work and dedication are not the typical mantra of attorneys in the San Diego area. We understand this and we want you to understand that when we accept your case, we will work every possible angle, find every possible flaw in the case against you. This is how we win case after case and is simply another example of how we go out of our way to make sure that you don’t go to jail.

Advantage of a Solid Reputation – Simply put, lawyers with better reputations get better results. Thomas P. Matthews has an extremely strong reputation in the court house, prosecutors know that our firm puts a lot of work in to the cases that we defend and that work shows in the courtroom through our preparation and success with all types of criminal cases.

Our Clients Are Not Just Numbers – At our law firm you’re not a number, you’re a real person with a real life that needs help in defending your rights. Part of representing you includes presenting you to the court in a way that reminds them that you’re a person too.


How A California Misdemeanor and Felony Conviction Can Affect Your Life Unless Your Hire The Best Criminal Law Firm

Jail Time – This is an obvious effect for a criminal conviction but it is something that people do not think about enough. When you are in jail, your life stops, the rest of the world continues to move forward but your life stays still until you are freed. The months or years that are spent in jail can never been regained.

Loss Of Rights – When convicted for a crime in San Diego county you could potentially lose these rights:

Right To Own A Firearm – You will not longer be able to purchase or own a firearm.

4th Amendment Rights – The Fourth Amendment guards against unreasonable searches and seizures. Losing this right means that you can be searched anytime, anywhere.

Financial Loss – Hiring a good attorney is expensive, hiring a bad attorney is even more expensive. If you are convicted of a crime you will end up paying court fees, probation fees and most likely will have to pay for classes related to helping you understand the severity of your crime.

Employment Opportunities – The conviction of a crime stays on your record and it’s available to every employer in the country and in some cases it is mandatory that you release information about your crime to any potential employer. This substantially limits the opportunity you have to get a good job or be promoted to a higher paying job.

What To Do After You Have Been Accused Of A Crime

Call An Attorney – The first thing that you need to do after being charged with a crime is assert your right to speak with an attorney. Do not discuss your case with anyone but your attorney. Many times officers will attempt to get you to confess to a crime without you even knowing it, sometimes they will even go as low as to put an undercover officer in your cell and use the information they collect against you.
Arrange Bail – Try and arrange bail as soon as possible. If you are arranging bail for a loved one, our law firm can assist with the process.

Recall What Happened – Immediately try and put together a mental list of what happened during your arrest. Many times this can be difficult but attempting to remember what took place will help your attorney and could be a determining factor in keeping you out of jail.


San Diego Criminal Attorney

Choose The Criminal Defense Firm With Unmatched Resources

Thomas P. Matthews guarantees that every case handled by his law firm will be thoroughly investigated for any and all potential flaws in the Government’s case. With our law office by your side you can be rest assured that your rights will be defended to the full extent of the law. Take a look below to see some of the resources we use to protect the freedom of our clients.

We Hire Private Investigators – Many times we conduct our own investigation on your case to strengthen our knowledge of what happened and to be able to display that knowledge in court.

We Hire Professional Experts – Many times we will bring experts to the court to testify in your defense. These experts are considered extremely credible in the eyes of the court and are generally respected.

We Hire Clinical and Forensic Psychologist – Simply put, sometimes these type of specialists are employed to help defend your case and many times appear in court to give expert testimonials.

We Have Multiple Team Workers – Focusing on your case is our number one priority. We guarantee that your case will get the personal attention that it deserves and you expect.
We Give Personal Attention – At the Law offices Of Thomas P. Matthews we have a staff of legal professionals that work as a team to fight for your rights.

We Give Zealous Representation – As criminal defense attorneys we’re required to give zealous representation, as aggressive attorneys, we would give zealous representation even if we were not required to.

We have 100% customer Satisfaction results

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Lawyers in
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  • Tom took great care of my case, he was able to put me and my family at ease with his cool and calm demeanor. He is honest and upfront with everything and the whole legal process. His knowledge of the law and statues ensured we got a fair trial and made sure we didn't get railroaded by the system. I've already recommended Tom to several friends and we have not been disappointed. If you want someone that has your best interest in both heart and mind then Tom is the lawyer you need and want on your side.
    Jose O
  • Mr. Matthews represented me in a major felony federal drug case. i was looking at a possible 5 to 10 year sentence.Due to his skills and tenacity, he managed to get my case dismissed!!!!!! A great attorney, my family and I will forever be greatful for the amazing work he did for us......thank you so so much tom..I will always retain you if I ever need a great attorney again
  • I am so relieved to have Tom taking care of the business aspect of things so that I can concentrate on my recovery process." With Tom representing me, I had a peace of mind through the entire process and I received a very successful outcome! Honestly, i couldn't imagine going through that process without him representing me.
  • I am so relieved to have Tom taking care of the business aspect of things so that I can concentrate on my recovery process." With Tom representing me, I had a peace of mind through the entire process and I received a very successful outcome! Honestly, i couldn't imagine going through that process without him representing me.
thomas matthews

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Practice Areas
  • Alcohol Related Crimes, including:
    • Driving Under the Influence
    • Minor in Possession
    • Open Containers in Vehicles
    • Open Containers in Public
    • Possession of Fake ID
  • Alien Smuggling
  • Aiding and Abetting
  • Assault
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Attempted Murder
  • Straight Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Check Fraud/Passing
  • Bad Checks Conspiracy
  • Counterfeiting
  • Carjacking
  • Disturbing the Peace
  • Drug related crimes, including:
    • Possession of Marijuana
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Sex Crimes, including:
    • Prostitution Pandering
    • Indecent Exposure
    • Lewd Acts with a minor
    • Rape
    • Solicitation
    • Sexual Battery
    • Statutory Rape
    • Sodomy
    • Oral Copulation
  • Theft Crimes, including:
    • Shoplifting
    • Petty Theft
    • Grand Theft
    • Receiving Stolen Property
    • Robbery
    • Embezzlement
    • Fraud
    • Residential Burglary
    • Commercial Burglary
    • Auto Burglary
    • Fraud
    • Residential Burglary
    • Commercial Burglary
    • Auto Burglary
  • Voluntary Manslaughter
  • Involuntary Manslaughter
  • Welfare Fraud


  • White Collar Cases, including:
    • Embezzlement
    • Real Estate Fraud
    • Forgery
    • Recording Forged Documents
    • Defrauding a Federally-insured Lending Institution
    • Insurance Fraud
    • Securities Fraud